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The lives of Quentin and Flora intersect at the dawn of the Great War in Europe after each has grown up in the public spotlight, he in the White House and she in the storied mansions of New York and Newport. His childhood preciousness charms the nation and parallels her envelopment in her parents’ worlds of high art, luxury yachts and philanthropy.

Quentin and Flora reach beyond their families’ orbits to begin a searching adolescent companionship that evolves inexorably into a fairy tale romance, tortured by the uncertainty of war and a vast and dangerous ocean.

Through their actual letters, deeply unexplored for a hundred years, we share their youthful desires and dreams, and see them thwarted by the agony of separation and high-level political intrigue. We learn of their last night together on her father’s yacht and their hush-hush engagement.

Quentin sails to France with a determination to prove his stuff in aerial combat with the Kaiser’s air force, only to be foiled for months by military indecisiveness and ironically, his own exceptional competence. When an unexpected chance to fly comes, Quentin’s choice opens a deep schism among the Roosevelts that bitterly pits father against sons. Is Quentin a victim or a slacker?

The Author


The Author Chip Bishop

 Chip Bishop

Chip Bishop is the great-grandnephew of Joseph Bucklin Bishop, profiled in The Lion and the Journalist – The Unlikely Friendship of Theodore Roosevelt and Joseph Bucklin Bishop.

The Lion and the Journalist

The Lion and the Journalist

The Unlikely Friendship of Theodore Roosevelt and Joseph Bucklin Bishop

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Published by Lyons Press, an imprint of Globe Pequot Press

This is a richly drawn portrait of the exceptional lives to two great men. More than that, it’s a remarkable tale of power, politics and presidential courage woven through the little-known but vital friendship of Theodore Roosevelt and his friend and biographer, newspaperman Joseph Bucklin Bishop.

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